Boho Chic DIY Driftwood Jewelry Display

I have been holding onto this lovely driftwood for nearly a year, and have waited for the perfect project create with it. One of my absolute passions is finding and collecting driftwood, branches, rocks, shells, and various inspiring bits of nature to bring inside to create with. This project is really simple and only took under 10 minutes to create, which is the best! Short, sweet, and simple projects that add character to your wall are always nice.

2 Common Nails*
10-12 Cup Hooks**
Twine, Leather, some type of cord
Yardstick or measuring tape
Driftwood of your choice***

*I used 1-1/2in zinc common nails
**I used 7/8in brass plated cup hooks
***Make sure your driftwood is cured and cleaned

Step 1:
Take two of your cup hooks and use a hammer (or use hands) to push in cup hooks, then twist to screw them in to both ends of your driftwood.

Step 2:
Turn the driftwood piece over and twist 8-10 cup hooks (depending on length of driftwood) into the bottom of your driftwood piece. I spaced them out about 3in apart.

Step 3:
Use your measuring tape to measure the distance of cup hooks on the top of the driftwood. Hammer the common nails where you would like to hang the two strands to mount your display. Make the distance of the common nails match the distance of the cup hooks on the top of the driftwood. Cut 2 strands of your cord to desired length.

Step 4:
Hang the driftwood from the two cup hooks on the common nails, and Enjoy you new jewelry display!